5 ways to celebrate wood in the modern home

In a world of sleek, shiny finishes and high tech gadgets there is one material we can rely on to bring that little bit of warmth into our homes .....wood glorious wood!

Although the crisp clean lines of a modern home are a joy in themselves, we feel that they almost always look better, when the white and polished finish is contrasted with one of the most beautiful and natural materials that there is; wood.

There is something comforting about running your hand over a material that has taken it's time to grow its twists and knots, nothing is more tactile. Rather like a painting on a wall, having a piece of hand crafted furniture that celebrates wood, be it old or new, can really catch the eye.

An old, knobbly, wooden bench in a freshly tiled hallway, an antique bakers table with all it's scars, in a shiny marble kitchen or a hand crafted sideboard showcasing wood in a fun and creative way. There are so many different ways in which you can introduce wood into your homes.....  

1. Keep it simple, get tactile...

With a single piece of gorgeously aged wooden furniture, the more knocks and dinks the better. Sit them in a space with contrasting materials and a pale pallet so that they really sing!

old wooden hallway bench against modern white tiled hallway milk maids bench antique bench  hand carved old rustic wooden bench set against a simple modern background with clean lines and smooth finish  Hand carved wobbly wooden bench with backrest sat against sleek contemporary lines and subtle colours

gorgeous old wooden bakers table used as a dining table in crisp white modern kitchen diner Old bakers table set as dining table in fresh clean modern kitchen with old benchs Old work mans bench used as a kitchen island, lots of worn marks and age showing and set amongst a polished steel modern kitchen showing great contrast in materials Chunky old wooden dining table with wide rustic beams set in a grand and glamorous room beneath a huge sparkling chandelier

2. Get creative.....

A hint of parquet or herringbone is not just for floors these days but for furniture, bathrooms or wall panelling too. By introducing a playful piece of furniture or a statement wall with wood you instantly inject a bit of fun into the room.

full parquet bathroom suite made using beautiful reclaimed wood including beech, oak and antique pine...including toilet cistern cover, vanity unit and wall mounted cupbaord parquet wall in modern home gorgeous light wood behind a bed which has been back lit to create a feature wall  vintage industrial sideboard combining polished metal with reclaimed parquet wood to create a tactile piece of furniture, home bar, mini bar console table or bedside table    

 3. Be bold be practical....

Create a bold looking yet practical installation...a structural looking room divider, a piece of shelving or some built in storage. You can bring purpose or drama to an unused corner of the room ...

built in wooden clad wardrobes built using natural wood with a wide plank

  wall divider made from hand carved antique wooden beams    gorgeous wooden feature wall with mini compartmental shelving  


4. Get Zen with a Waney edge....

If you want a calm and tranquil surrounding using wood in it's most simple, natural form will create a Zen like atmosphere. You can do this by adding dining tables, shelving or even skirting boards that are created using a single slab of wood, made to look almost untouched with a curved, Waney edge. The Waney edge of a piece of wood is is the the edge that follows the natural curve of the the tree. It is cut extremely close to the bark or sometimes will still keep the bark in tact.This look is particularly lovely in a bathroom with lots of natural light and scattered greenery. 

Gorgeous wooden kitchen island with a Waney edge finish almost butchers block like single slab of wood turned into bathroom sink with a Waney edge finish natural looking waney edged dining table in coll, white zen room Waney edge window sill smooth wood tactile shelf    waney edge skirting board natural raw wood

5. Create some artwork, clad the walls....

 Finally we have wooden cladding; not just your traditional chalet type cladding...there are so may wonderful new designs out there to choose from. Wooden cladding comes in many forms including 3D wooden tiles, CNC cut ply panels or reclaimed wooden off cuts. You can have so much fun with this and really show off your creativity. When choosing your perfect cladding always consider the furniture you will be placing in the room along side it before you finalise. The previous roles mentioned are almost reversed, the simpler the furniture the better, white always looks good and streamlined designs are preferable. Let the wall do the talking! 

amazing 3D cubed wall cladding in grey wood and copper by John Houshmand herringbone wooden wall cladding set into simple grey concrete wall Anthony Roussel 3D wooden wall cladding with fabulous geometric shapes and shadows3D wooden wall cladding adding texture and playfulness to the room   wooden wall tiles with wave like texture  

So if you are about to embark on a new build or soon to renovate a space please don't just get caught up in the shiny and clean cut take a minute to consider the glorious material that is wood!

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