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Calling all Manchester Makers!

Makers Quarter was formed in response to a number of issues facing the independent makers of Manchester. High commercial rents, impractical spaces, and isolation are major problems experienced by many. We felt passionately about finding a solution for this and believe that a shared workshop space is the solution. Manchester was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution and sadly over the years industry has been swapped for office space and city center flats. There needs to be a balance to help small independent businesses thrive and we think the Makers Quarter is a great start! Makers quarter will not only be providing space but a creative community and exciting lessons to the public. ​Having access to a shared workshop, studio spaces and craft...

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5 ways to celebrate wood in the modern home

In a world of sleek, shiny finishes and high tech gadgets there is one material we can rely on to bring that little bit of warmth into our homes .....wood glorious wood! Although the crisp clean lines of a modern home are a joy in themselves, we feel that they almost always look better, when the white and polished finish is contrasted with one of the most beautiful and natural materials that there is; wood. There is something comforting about running your hand over a material that has taken it's time to grow its twists and knots, nothing is more tactile. Rather like a painting on a wall, having a piece of hand crafted furniture that celebrates wood, be it...

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